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Our industrial activities in China began in 1984 and has a wide range of industries such as steel industry,And polymer chemistry, petro-chemical, health and cellulose, pharmaceutical, and food has experienced significant activity cooperation Listed below:


Machinery and equipment for drug industry

– Consulting, equipment selection and proposal forms in the field of medicine:

  1. Complete production line for producing oral solid dosage form of tablets and capsules with various methods and new wet and dry granulation to produce conventional medicine granules to Blistering and cartooning
  2. Production lines in glass vials containing powder
  3. Lines of vials, ampoules, Perry Field liquid in a glass container.
  4. Machinery and equipment production line rolls, drops and nasal spray.
  5. Design and implementation of related facilities such as deionized water (PW) grade distilled water injection (WFI) and steam-sterilized (PS) and the water loop.
  6. consulting, conceptual design and layout in the engineering detail design and implementation of clean rooms (cleanroom) on EUcGMP standards and protocols in the context of ISPE.
  7. cooperation in preparing the solution for a variety of drugs, including recombinant bio medicines, etc.
  8. Other specific cases and exchange will be studied.


Design and Realization of clean room

  1. conceptual design (conceptual) design project, citing the cGMP protocols.
  2. review and approve design) GMP review (by experts and final approval authority and approval of a drug references.
  3. preparation of engineering design (engineering design) with technical and administrative details of all calculations and detailed technical drawings and Cost of equipment and materials required for the project (detail design)



The company has a total of “9’s Roman Klein has implemented turnkey projects. Four projects in the pharmaceutical industry and other projects in electronics, nanotechnology, etc., all of which have higher grades than the pharmacy.

Implemented by pharmaceutical companies, are being designed and being negotiated:

  1. Bakhtar Bioshimi: solid part with an area of ​​2800 square meters on two floors project in 1384 as a turnkey machinery.
  2. Kimiaroshd Gorgan: solid and liquid project in 1500 square meters in 1386 as a turnkey machinery.
  3. Razak labs: vials of injectable project in 1200 square meters in 1388 as a turnkey machinery.
  4. Razak labs: project with an area of ​​2100 square meters in 1395 as a solid part with a portion of turnkey machines.
  5. Razak labs: section liquids project in an area of ​​800 square meters under construction.