Smart Mirror – Skin Analyzer


LD6021 Magic Mirror Facial Skin Analyzer is the world’s most advanced skin test machine, named as “Skin CT”. Through the imaging technology of RGB and UV, skin analyzer can accurately detect both epidermis and dermis problem, such as epidermis skin spot quantity, density, Pore quantity, density, wrinkle and skin roughness as well as deep skin pigmentation, acne, moisture state. As well as accurately detect and analyze the damage of skin caused by bad quality cosmetics, UV light or sun. It is an effective and necessary assistant for beauty salon, skin clinic and perfect tool for cosmetics companies.


1.It can detect both surface and deep, total 9 skin problems.

2.It is easy to operate and convenient to use even the operator not well educated.

3.It is fast to analysis and save your time when there are many customers consult.

4.It is no limit of database , you can take as many as pictures your computer can save, analysis speed will no any influence.

5.No any extra consumable parts. Quality stable.

6.Software will be able to free update.

7.Original manufacturer, price competitive.

8.Offer Logo & Language OEM service